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September 2, 2016

Here a useful (hopefully!) list of fake markets in Shanghai that one can go and explore during her or his time in China! I’m gonna tell you only a few rules to follow before going to one market.

  1. Learn how to bargaining in fake markets and in China in general . Usually the seller will tell you ten times the real price so you have to get use to it and have a clear idea about how much you wanna pay for one product. Sometimes you have to leave and walk as slowly as possible without looking back so the seller will just say yes and accept your price (if is reasonable of course!)
  2. Try not to buy electronic stuffs in fake markets unless you are an expert or you are going to the photography center.
  3. Go with a trolley if you have to buy a lot of stuffs unless you want to handle everything around.
  4. Remember to take a card of the place you buy thing, just in case you wanna go back in the future or you want to return something even though it is very hard.
  5. Have a look at the quality of the products, sometimes it changes from store to store. And if you want to buy a well made fake markets product you have to ask and follow the seller somewhere else (usually a hidden place).


Now let’s get into the real list of the fake markets that one can visit during his or her time in Shanghai.


First: QiPu Road.

Metro station: TianTong road, line 10 (light purple)

Things you can find: Clothes, Scarfs, Shoes, Accessories, most for women.

Time: from 10am to 6pm


If you are looking for some random cheap clothes, this is the place! The quality is getting better on the second or third floor with of course higher prices. But overall remember that it is still Chinese products.

Furthermore If you take the exit 1, you will find a basement full of shoes, sometimes also with fake brands, such as Valentino or Fendi etc.

Keep in mind: People do not speak English usually so just show them the price on your phone and start bargaining with them! 😀


Price list:

  1. Shirts around 40 RMB
  2. Skirts and Shorts around 50 RMB
  3. Trousers around 50 RMB
  4. Shoes and sneakers around 100 RMB
  5. Earrings and bracelets around 10 RMB

sh mus

Second: Shanghai Science & Technology Fake Market.

Metro station: Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Station, line 2 (green)

Things you can find: Most fake branded products, souvenirs, electronics and clothes.

Time: from 10am to 7pm


Whenever you are planning to buy some fake branded products from China, this is again another place you have to visit! Most of the fake bags and wallets of almost every brand on the earth can be purchased here. For example: Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc.

Generally speaking the quality usually is very low and the fake products are easily recognizable, but if you follow the seller in some hidden part of the shop, they can show you better products, but again it is all at your own risk! People here usually speak a bit of English so it is very easy to get around.


Price list:

  1. Longchamps around 30 RMB
  2. Wallets around 70 RMB
  3. Shoes/sneakers from 50 to 100 RMB
  4. Bags from 70 to 100 RMB
  5. Jewerly/watches from 60 to 100 RMB
  6. Electronics from 70 to 100 RMB


tailor made

Third: Fabric Market.

Metro station: walk from Exit 3, Nanpu Daqiao station, line 4 (deep purple)

Things you can find: Tailor made clothes and jackets. Accessories like ties and scarves.

Time: from 10am to 6pm


I have heard good words about this place but actually I have been there many times and most of the times I was very upset about the product they sold me. Therefore I’d like to say that if you are a guy and you are looking for shirts and suits it can be a good place to go, but if you are a girl like me, you might consider only to made one suit and a shirt and never return to this place again. Additionally I believe you can for sure find better product elsewhere.

This place totally does not worth the price you pay, at least for a girl. Anyway also here you have to walk around the infinite stands and try to find the one that you may consider the most affordable and with the best products (I know it’s hard). I personally think the one on the third floor are the good ones or at least more acceptable then the second floor.


Price list:


  1. Suit from 600 to 700 RMB
  2. Shirt around 100 RMB
  3. Dress from 300 to 500 RMB
  4. Trench from 500 to 700 RMB


  1. Suit from 700 to 800 RMB
  2. Shirt around 100 RMB
  3. Trench from 600 to 800 RMB



Fourth: Photography center.

Metro station: walk from Exit 1, Luban Lu Station, line 4 (deep purple)

Things you can find: Electronic and also second hand electronics.

Time: from 10am to 5pm


Another useful place to go it would be this market if you are planning to buy a camera. I have bought here my Nikon D5500 and my friend bought a Nikon L120, and they are both working pretty good. Since I trust the place I’d like to recommend it for the electronic stuff but still you have to be careful. Here you can find all the major brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Polaroid, Fujilm. In addition on the second floor area C, there is also a plce here they sell second hand products, but personally I won’t buy any second hand electronics.


Price list:

  1. Nikon D5500 around 3500 RMB
  2. Nikon L120 around 900 RMB
  3. Sony alpha 5000 around 3000 RMB



Fifth: Nanjing lu Fake market.

Metro station: walk from Exit 2, Nanjing Xi Lu station, line 2 (green)

Things you can find: Fake branded products, wallets, bags, accessories and clothes.

Time: from 10am to 5pm


I have been there once or twice, but I have recently heard that this market has been closed. Actually I don’t know if the rumors are true anyway I won’t recommend this place since I definitely prefer the fake market at the Shanghai museum station that I have mention before. Moreover you can find almost the same product elsewhere.


Price list is quite the same as the fake market mention above.



So far there are the places I have been, but there are many I am still planning to go.

Here the list of the place to go in the future for me!


One: Flower market

Metro station: walk from Exit 3, Longde Lu station, line 11 (deep red)

Things you can find: Flowers and plants

Time: from 10am to 5pm


Two: Tea market

Metro station: walk from Exit 1, Yan’an Xi Lu, line 4 (deep purple)

Things you can find: tea and co

Time: from 9am to 5pm


Three: International glasses city

Metro station: walk from Exit 4, Shanghai Railway Station, Line 1 / 4

Things you can find: glasses at very low price. Eye check and contact lenses not recommended.

Time: from 10am to 6pm


Four: International pearl and silk city

Metro station: walk from Exit 2, Longxi Lu station, line 10 (light purple)

Things you can find: Pearl, clothes and accessories.

Time: from 10am to 7pm


Five: Muslim market

Metro station: walk from Exit 1, Changshu Lu station, Line 7

Things you can find: food, snacks and fresh meat.

Time: Fridays


Six: Electronic market

Metro station: walk from Exit 4, Sichuan Bei Lu station, Line 10

Things you can find: electronics

Time: from 10am to 6pm

I hope you find the list of the fake markets useful! See you in my next post!


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