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Kindle and eBooks advantages and disadvantages

September 5, 2017

Hi everyone, This post is for all the people who enjoying reading a good book wherever, whenever. Since I was little I love to spend a few hours a day to read some extra curricular books. Then I found myself buying more and more books and I have found my bookshelf completely full. Β Only then, I realise the advantages of having a Kindle or an eBook reader that I would like to list below. Advantages of a Kindle It saves…

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Skin care for acne and more

June 30, 2017

Hi everyone! Summer is the season when we have to care the most about our daily skin routine. Our skin need to be hydrated and protected from the sun. And if you have some acne problem, I will show you some useful creams too. I have been dealing with skin problem for a while so I can say that I have become quite an expert. If you have any suggestion, just leave a comment and see you in my next…

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