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Fresh new start

November 27, 2018

A fresh new start. Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about start writing again on my blog. It’s such an easy thing to write about my passions and share them with the others. I miss my blog, my personal diary and posting pictures ( see on my Instagram account @giuliayu). So, after almost one year, I’m back. New blog, new objectives. What it is different this time? In the past, I have only posted about outfits, travels, beauty tips…

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Naples Getaway – 10 things to do and to eat

August 30, 2017

Naples is one of most beautiful city  in Italy –  a little chaotic, but very intense place. The streets are filled with people, places to eat and history clash on every street. Here a list of things to do and eat in this wonderful town! One day in Naples On the top of the list just one thing: Pizza! The most famous place is actually Sorbillo (link) but it takes you a while to queuing on the street.  Another famous place…

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Graduation day outfit tips

July 11, 2017

Hi everyone, I’m back with a new outfit suggestion for your graduation day! I’ve been looking for the perfect graduation outfit these days, since I’m going to graduate very soon on July. So this post is for the people that are looking for a graduation outfit, but it also works for a professional meeting or so on. Since I will start an internship in September it is very important to find a few piece of clothes that can actually fit…

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Skin care for acne and more

June 30, 2017

Hi everyone! Summer is the season when we have to care the most about our daily skin routine. Our skin need to be hydrated and protected from the sun. And if you have some acne problem, I will show you some useful creams too. I have been dealing with skin problem for a while so I can say that I have become quite an expert. If you have any suggestion, just leave a comment and see you in my next…

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Black shirt and white skirt with stripes

June 24, 2017

Hi everyone! How is going so far? If you are looking for a low cost but nice looking outfit, well this is the one! Primark recently open in Prato, my hometown so I went there to have a look and I have just grabbed this two things: a black shirt and a white skirt with black stripes. The photos has been taken in Milan, since I’m back here just for one week looking for a room in an apartment staring…

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