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Milan: Best place to eat

November 1, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Winter is slowly coming again and I am getting tired of going to clubs every weekend so I am planning where to eat with my friends and enjoy all the nice dishes that Milan has to offer.

If it ever happens to you to going around Milan and you don’t know where to eat, below you can find a small list with my personal reviews of the place, enjoy! Next time I will write and talk about all the place that one can visit during his or her holidays in Milan. By the way I’m gonna list all the places where I have been so far, so if you have any suggestion just write a comment below. And most important think, the restaurants below show not only italian food restaurants but also other type of dishes, that I believe worth a visit during your permanence in Milan.

The List… eat, eat eat!

1.Burger Wave


Location (there are others that you can find on their website here)


via Ascanio Sforza, 47 (zona Navigli)
20136 – Milano (MI)
Tel.:  +39 02.365.604.61


I know I should have started with a typical italian restaurant, but believe me this place makes amazing burgers and I LOVE burgers. So, if you are a burger lover as me, go there immediately and enjoy the best burger so far! Well, just a small reminder, I am not joking when I am saying that I love this burger since I have tried burgers everywhere: in China, in US and around Europe, so trust me 🙂

They also have amazing home make sauces, try them all! For the Burger I have tried “the Wave”, the most classical one and I love it! They also have vegetarian burgers (a nice variety), which my friends said was amazing too!

2. Temakinho 


Location (find more here)

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 37
20143 Milano
Tel. +39 02 8356134

Chef: Marcia Nunes Costa


If you are also a sushi lover as well as me, you should try this place! It is actually more like a fusion between Brazilian and Japanese cuisine, which is delicious. Actually there are 3 restaurants in Milan so far. A small tip: book a table before going, the place is always very crowded and it’s very easy to book online on their site. They also have good cocktails and the service is quick and friendly.

3. Sorbillo


Location and website

Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11

20122 Milano

Tel: +39 02 4537 5930

Finally a post about the most typical italian food: PIZZA!! And this one is gonna kill it, better than anyone I have eat so far! They call it the real pizza from Naples, but well I have’t eat the pizza of Naples so I can’t tell before going to Naples once (I can’t remember the last time, but I believe I was a little kid when I went there so it doesn’t count I guess).

4. Panini Durini


Location (more on their site) and Website 

Via Ferdinando Bocconi, 3

20136 Milano

Tel: +39 02 5832 7461

If you wanna have a good breakfast in Milan, you can try this place, they have the sweetest white chocolate muffin in town and they make good cappuccinos as well. They make hot cornetto in the morning and fresh sandwiches during lunch time. Usually if you go to their bar in Via Bocconi, you will always find a lot of Bocconi students having their coffee break from classes. So if you wanna breathe the stressful Bocconi students’ life go there in the early morning or in the late afternoon, joking! 😀

5. California Bakery


Location (finds more online) and website 

Via Larga, 19

20122 Milano

Tel: +39 02 3981 1750

If you want to have a brunch in Milan, you can go to California Bakery, a taste of the American brunch in Italy. They have amazing cakes, but also the bagels are good. Usually I go for the daily cake which is the Devil Cake with berries and chocolate, so sweet! They also have some special events where they have some cooking lessons, so it’s kind of interesting to attend.

6. Nerino Dieci Trattoria


Location and website 

Via Nerino, 10

20123 Milano

Tel: +39 02 3983 1019

A nice italian restaurant with reasonable prices. Pasta and Primi are usually around 15 euros and the plates are big enough to eat your fill. The also have tasty meat and fish dishes, but I didn’t order one since I felt full enough by ordering just a pasta with lobster. In addition, the location is nice because is near via Torino in the city center, so, if you are having the typical tourist walk around Duomo, then you can have a lunch rest here.

7. Luini Panzerotti


Location and Website

Via Santa Radegonda, 16

20121 Milano

Tel: +39 02 8646 1917

This is a small place near Duomo in the city center of Milan where you can find amazing sweet or salty Panzerotti. Usually you will find a lot of people queuing outside and there is no tables or chairs to seat, so you can only go here just to have a quick break. But, I believe this place worth a visit, even though I would not go there everyday. If you wanna a personal opinion I prefer the salty ones instead of the sweet Panzerotti 🙂

8. Wang Jiao 


Locations (more online) and Website 

Viale Col di Lana, 14

20136 Milano

Tel: +39 02 8940 2858

If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant with good quality food you should try this one! The price is cheap considering that we are in Milan, and they have various restaurants in around the city. I have personally tried two of them an I found it amazing, especially the rice dishes and the eggplants with meat. Have a look and enjoy 🙂

9. Unico Milano


Location and Website

Viale Achille Papa, 30

20149 Milano

Tel: +39 02 3921 4847

Now I am gonna talk about high end restaurants in Milan. If you want to take a special persona to celebrate a unique event eating amazing and starred plates, this is the place. The environment is nice and the atmosphere romantic. The view of Milan at night is nice and I believe this is one of the highest restaurants in Milan (20th floor) with a Michelin star. The cuisine is inspired by the regions and produce of Italy.

10. Joia Alta Cucina Naturale


Location and Website

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18

20124 Milano

Tel: +39 02 204 9244

If you are a vegan or vegetarian and you are looking for high end restaurants, I suggest you to go here. The Michelin starred chef Pietro Leemann will surprise you with dishes made only by natural and biological ingredients. They also have a nice list of wine which can match perfectly with each different dishes.  You can also have a look at the chef’s philosophy on the restaurant’s website, which is very inspiring.

11. Cioccolati Italiani


Locations (find more online) and Website

Via Nerino, 11

20123 Milano

Tel: +39 02 8736 7438

Last but not least, I would like to show you another wonderful place to eat sweets like Gelato, Crepes, Waffles etc. This is the perfect place for an afternoon girls talk day or just to have a nice first date place. The environment is easy going and nice. In addition, if you are a food blogger or you have a Instagram full of #foodporn then you can’t miss out this place! Enjoy and take tons of pics!

Hope you have enjoyed and see you in my next post! 🙂

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