Graduation day outfit tips

July 11, 2017

Hi everyone,

I’m back with a new outfit suggestion for your graduation day! I’ve been looking for the perfect graduation outfit these days, since I’m going to graduate very soon on July. So this post is for the people that are looking for a graduation outfit, but it also works for a professional meeting or so on. Since I will start an internship in September it is very important to find a few piece of clothes that can actually fit in many occasions! In my next post I will talk about how to be able to pack and move many times with few essential things without loosing your fashion taste!

I know that my post should be more with a personal touch and style therefore in the next posts I will try to keep up posting links about clothes I like. This post is about a recent brand that I actually find very professional and not too much expensive. It is called: Massimo Dutti. You can find below the link to all the different outfits! I hope you find it useful!

If you have any suggestion just leave it in the comment and I will try my best!

See you in my next post and have a nice day! 🙂



Black suit jacket (link). Price: 100 euro.

Open black coat (link). Price: 70 euro.


White shirt (link). Price: 40 euro.

Blue loose fitting shirt (link). Price: 60 euro.

White oversize blouse (link). Price: 80 euro.

Silk top (link). Price: 40 euro.


Black suit trousers (link).

Satin wide leg trousers (link). Price: 50 euro.

White wide leg trousers (link). Price: 50 euro.

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