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October 9, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am back here in Milan and I do needed some shopping for office outfits. Well, we all know that the weather in Milan is so hard to predict that basically I packed my suitcases with more like an middle season clothes, but it is actually very cold in Milan. Therefore, I went out to look for nice things to wear during office time.

Zara – Blouses

Price: 26 euro (link).

Price: 30 euro (link).

Price: 30 euro (link).

Price: 30 euro (link).

Price: 30 euro (link).

Online shopping

  • Asos – The site as a section for office outfits, that you can find here. It saves you a lot of time!
  • Yoox – Quality is better, but the price is higher. Here you can find other nice blouses made of 100% silk.
  • OutNet – Another nice website but with higher prices. You may find good deals on it. Here the link.
  • Zalando – Good italian site, especially for shoes but also for good quality outfits. Link.

Stores and links for more blouses

  • Max&Colink
  • Diffusione tessilelink
  • Marellalink
  • Penny blacklink
  • Falconerilink

Price may vary but usually these stores have quite the same price: around 100 euro per blouse.

Man are lucky to don’t have to go around to so many different stores looking for different piece of clothes! Just joking, I prefer to have the possibility to choose and walk around the city.

See you in my next post for other insights about office outfits!



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