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Kindle and eBooks advantages and disadvantages

September 5, 2017

Hi everyone, This post is for all the people who enjoying reading a good book wherever, whenever. Since I was little I love to spend a few hours a day to read some extra curricular books. Then I found myself buying more and more books and I have found my bookshelf completely full.  Only then, I realise the advantages of having a Kindle or an eBook reader that I would like to list below. Advantages of a Kindle It saves…

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Weekend in Brussels

April 21, 2017

Hi everyone, A few weeks ago I went to Brussels to visit one of my friends that is doing an exchange semester there. I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Brussels and I was able to visit almost the entire city by foot. I walked almost 20km a day and I enjoyed it a lot. So here a small summary of my trips and some little advices. There are two airports in Brussels: Zavantem airport, the closest to the…

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Merry Christmas from Milan

December 22, 2016

Hi Everyone (from Milan again)! Yesterday was the first day of the winter (21st of December) so I decided to went out for a walk and take some picture of Milan. The city center was very crowded with people shopping around for Christmas presents. I was amazed by all the lights on the street, which changes every years with different colours and shapes. Milan is a city full of life and opportunities in Italy and I believe that one should…

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