Japan: Osaka and Kyoto in 2 days

August 29, 2016

Hi everyone! Here I will talk about my last adventure in Japan before leaving the beautiful Asia!

In spite of the expensive flights from Shanghai to Tokyo during the summer weekends, I manage to find a good deal to Osaka. Given that Osaka and Kyoto are two beautiful place to visit in Japan, I was looking forward to go visit.

Moreover I have never been to Japan before and I really wanted to go even though I only have 2 days to spend there. I’ve done some research on the net and just found out that it would be a great tour one day in Osaka and one day in Kyoto.

Have a look and just tell me if you have any suggestion.

Thank you all for reading and see you in my next post!



 In order to save time and do all the most important attraction, I decided to do the Osaka Amazing Pass, which is useful and the price is very reasonable! You can find more information about it here. 

So far I planned to visit 5 places in total which I believe are the most impressive ones in the city. In the second place if you have more time you can also visit the Universal studios (find more info on the official site here.)

Now let’s move on to the list!

  1. Osaka Castle (600 yen or 100 yen if you have an all day subway card and free entrance if you have the Osaka Amazing pass). There is an interesting museum inside with samurai weapons. In addition you can also visit the garden. 
  2. Take the subway to Shi­Tennoji Temple (costs around 1500 yen, free with the Osaka pass) and walk around. This is the main Buddhist temple of Osaka. Info about the subway here.
  3. Catch the subway again to SumiyoshiTaisha Shrine (cost around 400 yen, free with the Osaka pass). This is the main Shinto Shrine of Osaka, and is amazingly quiet and peaceful like a Zen garden.
  4. Catch the subway to Namba and walk around the famous Dotombori/Shinsaibashi shopping area for a couple of hours. Indeed you should go inside some shopping malls, usually in the basement you can find a lot of small samples of food that you can try!
  5. Enjoy the night view from the Umeda Sky building, which closes at 10.30pm #Rooftoplife

Osaka is also known to be the culinary capital of Japan, therefore try to eat all the different typical Japanese plates!


Osaka Castle


Shi­Tennoji Temple








Umeda Sky Building


The second day we get up at 8 and catch the train to Kyoto at Umeda station, tickets for a round trip was 700 yen by Hankyu Railway, more info about the transportation to Kyoto here. 

After arriving to Kyoto, we decided to first visit the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine (more info here)which you can reach by taking a train from Gion shijo station, price was around 210 yen and 420 yen for a round trip.

Later we went back to the Gion shijo station and we walk to Chojiro Sushi, a very nice restaurant for some fresh sushi (more info on TripAdvisor here.)

Immediately after lunch we just decided to have a walk to Kiyomizudera Temple. In 1994, the temple was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Entrance fee 400 yen and more info here. 

Afterward we walk back to the station and pass by Chionin Temple, more info here. 

Later for dinner we went to Nishiki Market (more info here), where we had dinner at the famous Ramen place called Ichiran Ramen (comment on TripAdvisor here) , you will need to queue for a while so come one hour before.

After dinner it was time to head off and get back to the Guesthouse in Osaka. We found a Guesthouse at a reasonable price in Umeda which was also close to the subway station, you can book a room here.

Do not forget to try the tasty Matcha green ice cream! And remember that there is wifi at every bus stop in Kyoto!

I really hope you find this short weekend getaway description useful! Leave a comment if you have anything else to suggest! Have a nice day 🙂







Last but not the least: FOOD CORNER!


Ichiran Ramen


Strawberry Chocolates


Matcha Chocolates


Matcha Ice cream



And a special Hi from the Crew 😀


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