Naples Getaway – 10 things to do and to eat

August 30, 2017

Naples is one of most beautiful city  in Italy –  a little chaotic, but very intense place. The streets are filled with people, places to eat and history clash on every street. Here a list of things to do and eat in this wonderful town!

One day in Naples

  1. On the top of the list just one thing: Pizza! The most famous place is actually Sorbillo (link) but it takes you a while to queuing on the street.  Another famous place is called pizzeria di Matteo (link). Prices are around 5 to 10 euros for one pizza depending on the ingredients.
  2. Walk through the main street called via Toledo, then you will reach piazza del Gesù. Continue your walk to via San Gregorio Armeno and there you can visit the church calle Gesù Nuovo. Another beautiful church near the place is called San Domenico.
  3. Drink a coffee. The best place in town is Gambrinus, where you can eat different traditional pastries and try different tipes of coffee.
  4. Get yourself to Pompeii. The archaeological sites are a must-visit.  These archaeological remains, or “scavi”, of Roman cities destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. To reach the place, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes by car.
  5. Promenade along the Lungomare. Take a turn along the city’s 3km long partially pedestrianised seafront promenade from Megellina to Santa Lucia.
  6. Day trip to Capri.  The magical island of Capri has charmed visitors for centuries.  Capri travel is a luxurious escape from the city. You will be serenaded by the breeze rustling through fragrant lemon trees, warmed by the blazing summer sun that washes the Sorrentine Peninsula and refreshed by a swim through the enchanting grottos.
  7. Contemplate modern art at the the historical heart of Naples MADRE museum (the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina link). 7,200 m2 of exhibition space, with site-specific installations, as well as works from the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions.
  8. Eat at Friggitoria Vomero if you like fried stuffs. You can call it street food. Even the Lonely Planet talks about this place have a look here. Plus, you should eat like a local and try all the traditional places. You can find a list of good restaurants on Tripadvisor, so I’m not gonna list them here.
  9. Get out from the town. Naples is the gateway to the Amalfi coast. From there you can take the local bus for a couple of euros further down the coast to Positano and Amalfi. There are also ferries and other transportation to go elsewhere. Positano is a cliffside village on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It’s a well-known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes.
  10. Visit the Vesuvio. Mount Vesuvius is famous as the volcano that erupted in Roman times (AD 79) and buried Pompeii. The volcano is just 6 miles from the modern city of Naples and is a very popular visitor attraction.



My outfit for my getaway in Naples!

I decide to wear a pair of comfy shoes in order to walk a lot though the street of Naples!


Well, I hope you will find this guide useful and see you in my next one!

Bye bye!


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