Packing for cruise trip – tips and apps

August 20, 2017

When you are leaving for a cruise trip, it is important to remember to be prepared for any occasion. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to travel on MSC meraviglia, one of the latest new ships of the company. You may find more info about the ship on the website (link).

Let’s get into the post!

I hope you enjoy the advices and if you do please share the post! Thank you very much!


Tips for the dress code


  1. Elegant dress for a gala night. (link)

  1. Day look dress for beach time. (link)
  2. Sporty outfit for gym time. (link)
  3. Bikini for swimming pool time. (link) 
  4. White dress and black dress. Usually there are two thematic nights with all black or all white dress code. (link) 
  5. Backpack for city trip. (link) 
  6. Small pochette. (link) 
  7. Big straw handbag for the beach and the swimming pool. (link) 
  8. Something to keep you warm. Usually the air condition is always up in the ship. (link) 
  9. High heels. (link) 
  10. Comfy shoes. (link) 

Apps to download for your trip

  1. MSC for me. Very useful for all the activities on the ship and the excursions.
  2. Nike training or running. For every activity.
  3. Maps me. Offline maps are very useful.
  4. Google maps. If you have internet connection this is the best way to get around.
  5. Quik by GoPro. Useful for short video editing.
  6. Needless to say, everyone need some music when travelling.
  7. Nikon app. If you have a Nikon camera with wifi and you want to immediately share your photos, this app is mandatory!
  8. Visco cam. Best filters ever!

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