Weekend in Brussels

April 21, 2017

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I went to Brussels to visit one of my friends that is doing an exchange semester there. I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Brussels and I was able to visit almost the entire city by foot. I walked almost 20km a day and I enjoyed it a lot. So here a small summary of my trips and some little advices.

There are two airports in Brussels:

  • Zavantem airport, the closest to the city center. Transportation by bus 21 to the city center, cost 4.5 euros.
  • Charleroi airport, more far but most of the low cost airlines land there. Cost of the bus 14 euros.

Then, here is a list of the places that you need to visit in Brussels:

  • Grand place, the city center. The best moment to visit it is during the night, when the lights are up.
  • Manneken pis, the most famous monument in Brussels.
  • Royal museum of fine arts, if you are a student the ticket price is only 3 euros for the 3 different sectors. The most famous sector is the one dedicated to Magritte.
  • Royal palace of Brussels.
  • Jeanneke pis, the female version of the most famous monument.
  • Parlamentarium, you may book a tour before go there (link).
  • Atomium, very famous piece of art, but quite far away from the city center.
  • Mini Europe, nice attraction open only during the summer, so check the site. 
  • BELvue museum, if you have more time left, you may have a visit to this museum of contemporary art.

And now a list of things to eat in Brussels:

  • Frites, go to ‘Frit Flagery’ or ‘Maison Antoine’, two of the most famous places in the town.
  • Waffles, go to ‘Waffle Factory’. You can choose between two different type of waffles: the Brussels one or the Liege one, the latter is more sweet. Then, you can choose how do you want your waffle be stuffed.
  • Beer, you can go to ‘Delirium cafè’ where you can find Leffe and different other beers.
  • Chocolate, they told me that the most famous one in Brussels is Leonida. But if you walk on the street you can find others like Godiva or Elisabeth.

I hope this little quick review of my weekend in Brussels was useful for planning your next trip. If you like it leave a comment and see you in my next post!


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